Sustainability and Manufactured

To reinvent the area of ​​production, distribution and marketing of telecommunications equipment, it is not enough to have one idea. You need answers to a vast number of questions that are placed daily. One of the most relevant is: Where does sustainability start? The answer: exactly where it ends. ikimobile believes that it is necessary to develop sustainability at a global level and it is necessary to guarantee harmony with its surroundings by defending values ​​such as responsibility, respect for the community, where it is inserted and with all those with whom it deals daily. Ethics and respect for humanity and the planet are essential. Ensuring that we leave future generations a legacy to live healthier, ikimobile makes every effort to ensure sustainability such as:

  • Constant research in the development of clean energies;
  • Reduction of waste generated by the business of the company;
  • Recycling and selective collection of waste;
  • Elaboration of projects that aim at the sustainable use of water and electric energy and also responsible consumption in order to reduce the impact of its activity on the environment;
  • Awareness plans for employees, customers, suppliers and partners to transform sustainable attitudes into permanent ones;
  • Consciousness with the community to awaken the use of environmentally friendly behaviors;
  • Participation in social and environmental responsibility society projects.

ikimobile strives to follow a path focused on continuous improvement of its manufacturing and production processes, the ability to make its employees more proactive in guaranteeing the preservation of natural resources and to encourage a corporate culture that guarantees collective well-being.

ikimobile respects all internationally accepted human rights, taking the following commitments:

  • Fight and support the ultimate abolition of the exploitation of child labor;
  • Ensuring equality of opportunity rights in employment and repudiating discrimination in any form;

Discrimination against employees based on gender, physical condition, religion, origin, race, age and sexual orientation is repudiated and never acceptable.

Ensuring the application of "equal pay for work of equal value" between men and women is and should always be guaranteed.

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