The choice of the use of cork in ikimobile equipment is based on 3 factors that we consider essential in our sustainability policies.
Industrial process 100% natural, characteristics that guarantee the excellence quality in what is produced and a positive impact on the forest of cork oak.

100% natural industrial process:
  • For the production of cork components only this raw material is used without the introduction of non-natural products;
  • Absence of additives, agglomeration carried out using its own resins (suberin)
  • 90% of consumption is biomass (waste of its own industrial process)
  • The waste of the industrial process is 100% reusable (cork + powder granules)

Characteristics that guarantee the excellence quality in what is produced:
  • High dimensional stability, supporting large thermal variations
  • In the event of fire, cork does not release toxic gases.
  • Unlimited durability, keeping the technical characteristics (official tests prove 45 and 50 years)
  • After use it is fully recycled and used again in construction applications.
  • Supports temperatures between: (-) 180ºC and (+) 120ºC.
  • 100% natural product.
  • Very low energy built in.
  • Negative Carbon.
  • High dimensional stability
  • Thermal, acoustic and anti-vibration insulation at the same time
  • Promotes thermal delay
  • Practically unlimited durability, maintaining technical characteristics
  • Compressive strength (good mechanical properties)
  • Does not react to chemical agents
  • 100% Recyclable and Reusable in other applications

Positive impact on the forest and the environment:
  • Important in maintaining biodiversity (unique in Europe).
  • Portuguese forest (cork oaks) summers of 5 million tons CO2 per year.
  • Total area (Portugal) 735,000 hectares
  • Cork trees produce cork every 9 years (renewable raw material).
  • It prevents desertification of the soil. > Set the population in the work of the mount, prevent population desertification
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